Our Doves

Beautiful White Birds…

We have kept birds for over 30 years.

We take pride in the cleanliness and condition of our birds at all times. They will always appear at an event looking their very best.

All our doves are well cared for and much loved members of our family. The birds we use for release are ‘Rock Doves’ who have a very strong homing instinct and are specially bred for their pure white colour.

We also have a number of white fantail doves which are only used for display purposes and never for release as they have no homing instinct and would not find their way home.

Our doves are kept in peak condition, fed a specialised diet to keep them fit and healthy and are fully vaccinated. Many months of training are undertaken in preparing the birds to be used for releases. Training starts at around twelve weeks old with small distances, then building up to longer flights of up to fifty miles.

Our birds regularly take baths and love nothing more than to pamper themselves before a release so they look their very best.


  • Doves are imported by many other countries in the world as they can be used as postmen and also can be used as food for other animals.
  • The lifespan of dove is 15-33 yrs.
  • Doves can fly up to 40-50 miles per hour. In a day they can fly a distance of 600 miles.
  • Doves lay eggs 4-5 times a year and the gestation period is 16-19days.
  • Until the baby doves learn to eat food the parent feeds them milk like liquid called CROP MILK from its body.
  • The babies use their nose as straw to suck that milk.